Environmental Consulting & Remediation

Environmental Remediation Services

Environmental Remediation Services in Georgia and North Florida

Georgia Oilmen’s Services offers turnkey environmental remediation services across the state of Georgia and North Florida. Since 1996, our team has served clients who have soil remediation and water remediation needs.

Site Remediation

Our remediation services are tailored to a client’s needs and budget. With any new project, we discuss a series of steps that help us determine the most cost-effective plan for your site remediation:
  • Site Assessment
  • Waste Characterization
  • Pilot Testing
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Utility Services and System Installation
  • Oversight of Subcontractors
  • Operation and Maintenance Activities
  • System Decommissioning
  • Site Restoration

Most importantly, GOS oversees the implementation of all plans so that we can continually monitor the cost-effectiveness of our strategy and verify that remediation objectives are met and executed with minimal interference with ongoing business activities on your site.

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