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Mobile Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE)

Drawing upon the extensive experiences gained during successful installation and operation of numerous fixed based remediation systems, GeorgiMobile Multi Phase Extractiona Oilmen’s Services (GOS) created Georgia Remediation Services, LLC. (GRS) to offer mobile remediation technologies to industry and consultants. GRS is a wholly owned subsidiary formed by GOS in 2006. 

GRS operates a mobile multi-phase extraction (MPE) and thermal oxidation unit that can provide a variety of services. 

  • MPE operation involves the extraction of subsurface vapors and liquids from a monitoring well(s) through a high-pressure vacuum system.
  • Multiple mobile MPE events can provide for interim free product abatement measures, and may be a cost effective alternative to installing and operating a full scale remediation system for a short period of time. 
  • Multiple phase extraction can be used for removal of large quantities of contaminated groundwater.
  • Pilot testing data required for remediation system design can be complied during a MPE event. 
  • Parameters including depth to water, influent organic vapor analysis (OVA), combustion temperature, wellhead vacuum, flow rate, vacuum radius of influence (ROI), and water table drawdown measurements are collected during each MPE event. These parameters are presented within a report including influent concentrations and calculations of recovery rates.

We invite you to view our technical specifications for details on the MPE process. Please contact us to speak with a member of our team.

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