Environmental Consulting & Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments

Soil ScientistGeorgia Oilmen’s Services (GOS) provides environmental site assessments (ESAs) for our clients who are in the process of or considering a real estate transaction. Because property owners will be responsible for cleaning up any damage from contamination, it is important to find out any potential hazards of the land before you purchase.

Due Diligence Audits

Real estate transfers where the site has an industrial or oil & gas use may warrant an environmental due diligence audit. With each ESA, our goal is to reveal any environmental risks or potential threats that are present on the respective property and to educate our clients on potential environmental liabilities. If any contamination from the site is possible our team will help you determine the liability for any necessary remediation. These assessments are conducted to satisfy the level of appropriate inquiry for the purposes of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA) innocent landowner defense. All assessments are completed in accordance with the latest EPA ASTM standards, ES1257-05 and ES1257-05. 

The primary goal of a Phase 1 ESA is to research and gather facts on the property to determine if a further investigation is warranted. If the conclusions drawn from the Phase 1 ESA indicate the potential for contamination, then GOS may enter into a Phase 2 ESA.

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With each step, our team will take the time to discuss options and cost-effective solutions with you. To learn more about our environmental due diligence audits, please contact us.


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