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Corrective Action Plans

Corrective Action Plans
Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) contain the recommended steps for companies who have confirmed hazardous waste on their property. Included in the CAP is a detailed proposal outlining what technologies should be used and the estimated timeline for bringing a property into compliance.

By creating a CAP, Georgia Oilmen's Services (GOS) safely identifies the source of contamination and works to remove it so that further contamination does not occur.

Our CAPs may include:
  • Property description and site location map
  • History of the site
  • Description of the current contamination
  • Recommended remediation
  • Relevant case studies
  • Cost and schedule for of remediation
Part A of a CAP is required to identify the source(s) of the contamination in soil and groundwater. If conditions warrant, a Part B may be initiated.

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Don't miss our FAQs on the CAP - Part A process. For more information on our CAPs, please contact us.


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