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Georgia Oilmen’s Services, Inc. (GOS) is an environmental consulting firm specializing in soil and groundwater assessment and remediation. GOS is a wholy owned subsidary formed by members of the Georgia Oilmen's Association (GOA). GOA is a trade association for the petroleum wholesalers and retailers in the state of Georgia. GOS was created in 1996 to provide cost effective and efficient environmental services. More specifically, GOS was created to eliminate consultant gouging of members of the petroleum and gasoline industry.

One of the many benefits of membership in the GOA is the environmental and tank testing and compliance services offered by GOS. Our staff has over eighty years of experience in this field.  GOS has completed hundreds of environmental projects for clients in the petroleum industry, including:

We invite you to peruse our FAQ page for specific questions related to this industry. We are glad to answer any questions you may have and appreciate any insight into the petroleum services industry that you may be willing to share with GOS.

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GOS is committed to staying on the leading edge of fueling industry issues. Through ongoing research and participation in various industy conferences and associations, GOS seeks the knowledge of industry trends, technical challenges and regulatory issues that helps us to provide complete consulting to the petroleum retail industry. Below are some examples of our clients' station branding.

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