Environmental Consulting & Remediation

Cathodic Protection Testing

Effective cathodic protection systems help to ensure the longevity of storage tanks. But, even well-designed systems need to be tested periodically to ensure there is no damage that could cause environmental harm down the road.

Testing Cathodic Protection Systems

During an initial compliance audit, Georgia Oilmen’s Services offers cathodic protection testing for tank owners. We have the tools and training necessary to test both the Galvanic/STIP-3 and Impressed Current systems.

We are committed to keeping any information collected during our initial audits confidential, and we work with each of our clients to formulate and implement an action plan to address any problem areas that are identified. In addition, if a surprise inspection occurs with the Underground Storage Tank Management Program, we can help to reduce fines or penalties that may occur.

Employee Training

Our staff works with you to conduct employee training seminars and assist with developing strong record keeping habits, so that you know how and when to test your equipment regularly. Through our services, you can avoid expensive errors and remain environmentally responsible.

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