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Temporarily Out of Use UST

During these economic times, managing risk and financial liabilities can be as important as managing costs and revenue. In the retail petroleum and convenience store industry, the potential challenges are numerous. Temporarily Out of Use UST System

Closed UST Compliance

Keeping the underground storage tank (UST) system compliance up to date in accordance with the Underground Storage Tank Management Program (USTMP) guidelines is a regular duty. 
  • Equipment upgrades, repairs and testing are a costly investment when margins are already so slim.
  • The USTMP inspectors are very active nowadays, and their inspection reports often require a great deal of time and money to resolve to their satisfaction.
  • Some operators have been unable to sustain these financial barrages and have been forced to suspend business activities. 
If you own USTs at a site that is temporarily closed for business, it is important to ensure that:
  1. All compliance measures are in place for the UST system
  2. All UST records are updated and maintained

Failure to maintain all compliance measures and records of testing, in addition to records of invoices with environmental assurance fees, can jeopardize potential Georgia Underground Storage Tank (GUST) Trust Fund coverage. This would apply to a site that eventually resumes business activity, and to a site that may eventually be permanently closed. 

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