Maintaining Records for Temporarily Out of Use Tanks

All records must be maintained while the UST system is Temporarily Out of Use (TOU), including:
  • Copies of the current tank registration form
  • Results of the most recent tank tightness testing (TTT)
  • Line tightness testing (LTT)
  • Automatic line leak detector test (ALLD)
  • Monthly inventory records
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) records
  • ATG reports
  • Corrosion protection testing report
  • Rectifier logs for the cathodic protection system, as applicable
  • Proof that the power supply was maintained to the cathodic protection system, if an impressed current system is utilized.
  • Records of invoices showing the payment of environmental assurance fees (EAF) must also be retained.
  • If a UST system is to resume fuel storage and sales, the USTMP will require new compliance testing and may ask for copies of all records while the USTs were TOU, potentially going back several years.

Don't neglect your tank records when the risks for failing to maintain compliance are serious and costly. Contact us to see how we can help.

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