Above Ground Oil Tank Removal

Many of the above ground storage tanks (ASTs) that we service are used for oil or petroleum product storage. In the event that your above ground oil tank needs to be decommissioned and removed, it is important that you hire a professional company that understands the safe and proper tank removal protocol.
At Georgia Oilmen’s Services, we have over 30 years’ experience working with a full-range of AST tank removals on various site locations. We work with your team to ensure the following steps are taken:
  • Obtain local permit for removal
  • Discuss any relevant safety concerns or issues with the project
  • Remove any existing liquid from the tank
  • Inspect the tank for any highly flammable vapors
  • Ensure that no piping is left in place
  • Work with third parties for proper follow-up inspections
  • Document tank closure activities and receipts

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